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SOIMA Topless Tower Cranes - With its modern technology and design, matching a growing demand for bigger, heavier and sophisticated tower cranes where lifting capacity ranges between 2,5tons up to 30tons, jibs from 30 to 80m and maximum heights as per customer request.



SOIMA Cranes

Situated in Viseu, a region where industrial booming is evident, today SOIMA occupies a leading position in the world of SMS´s (SMB´s = Small and Medium Business) in Portugal.

SOIMA , was founded in 1977, started its activities by its own project initiative, dedicating initially to the manufacturing of equipment by order, especially Plate Rolling Machines, Presses, Over Head Traveling Cranes, Brick Layers and Concrete Mixers.

In 1980 SOIMA, opted to concentrate and specialize at the manufacturing of Tower Cranes- In accordance to the norm FEM 1001- and consolidated its position in the Iberian market as a leading supplier.

In the last two decades won others markets, now SOIMA is present at various continents, among others we have our equipment in Europe: Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, Belarus, Romania and Croatia. In the Americas: Canada, USA, Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico. In Africa: Angola, Morocco, Tunisia, Cape Verde and Algeria. In Asia: Qatar, India, Libya, Syria, Iran and also the Australian continent.

Today, with the new industrial infrastructure, SOIMA have covered areas with 30 000 m² and an annual production capacity of 400 tower cranes.

The ability of SOIMA to create and develop had large public recognition receiving various awards: EDP GROUP AWARD, the MEDAL of MERIT by the Viseu Town Council, the PME GOLDEN AWARD and the PME PRESTIGE AWARD by the Minister of Industry. SOÍMA received for a few consecutive years the PME EXCELENCE AWARD. 


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3525-040  Canas de Senhorim


GPS: 40o29'42.77"N - 7o53'54.97"O

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